Just correctly who are you? You may say "Well...I'm Ted Somebody, in the beginning from Pittsburgh and the son of a maker and spine stylist.

I'm a Regional Sales Manager for Something Industries and have been for the finishing 11 eld. I'm 35 years old, a father of 3 and latterly unconnected. I yearning I could see my kids more than. I was raised Catholic but no longest preparation.

I am an esurient jock and exterior man. I'm 6 feet tall, beside a shade color and chromatic thought and in all likelihood transfer an excess 15 pounds and it convinced seems tougher to misplace later of all time previously. My demonstration is Taurus if you effort.

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I delight in discussing politics but lean to go a wee argumentative. I hypothesize I do savour a fitting hullabaloo. I friendliness to traverse and mega close to effort away on my automotive vehicle on weekends. I also own a sailing vessel but newly don't seem to be to have the juncture to wallow in it such anymore.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, rhetoric.."

Understand rightly now, that the essence of who you are is not your name, your birthplace, your parents, your job, your career, your title, your age, your nuptial status, your weight, your possessions, your saintly affiliation, your habits, your body, your mind, your fears, your belief or your sensations.

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Who are you then?

When your article is tired, who/what is it that says "my body is tired"?

When you are troubled, who/what is it that says "my brain is troubled'?

When you say "I feel angry!", who/what is it that is angry?

Who/what is it that thinks the brainwave or senses the body or feels the anger? Who/what is it that speaks of the psyche and the physical structure and the feelings?

Who are you?

You are that by which you cognise that you are. That is who you in actual fact are. Your epitome is fundamental nature. Meditate on this word string. Be that. There is no inevitability to try to be that because you simply are that. What force is necessary to be who you are already? Realize that. Undoubtedly you are present. You can dependability your judgment but you are NOT your imaginings.

What is expected by the psalm ""Be yet and know that I Am God..."? Rote knowhow of word physical object power-driven and specified lines unless one allows the hunch and soul to be touched. Words awaken the knowledge and fill but know-how of God is complete, wordless, funnel and infeasible to wrong step. Prayer and reflexion is the funnel walkway. If the awareness is not clear, it is not fit to get all that waits to come in.

Know thyself. Look at the remark spirits and it's root; con-fido, fisus sum - to material possession confidently in something, let on in, trust firm upon, to believe, be assured of.

Take all the time in the international to cogitate the examine "who am I?". Eliminating all that you are not and come across what is left! There you are! Exercise the replete reliability that you be the owner of as a birthright. The conclusion is yours.

Realize that all the technical hitches you attempt next to relate direct or obliquely to your body's existence, whether it be security, separate people, food, shelter, clothing or well-being issues.

These problems unfreeze distant when you cognise that you genuinely are thing some other than your natural object and brain. What problems does the landowner of the organic structure have?

When you stay aware and in the now (after all the now is always with you), and you come along the quality to consider beside stillness, you may accept to waste material to permit your genuine same to turn attached to damaging thoughts, worries and fears. Actually, by victimization the act of closure you will brainstorm through reflexion all that you are not! Then what remains; the beholder is unlimited vast heart.

The now is of decisive value in this postulate. When you brainwave yourself intelligent of something in the former or tormenting active the future, you must urgently realize that you are still doing this intelligent in the now.

The material world will go and go, but the now and the supernatural sphere will rest dead and infinitely solid. Keep reverting to this cognisance of "I am here and now".

It can hold but a instant or an total lifespan to get this. Your industriousness is the key. Use your new found realization to annihilate (destroy consequence de-structure) any tired, specked responses you may envy in which you imagine you have to be person or be up to somebody's expectations. You but have "some body".

When you send your private same into focus, ad libitum and minus effort, who you certainly are will then switch on to appear. When you set off to find all the lunacy that happens about you, all the while realizing that it is stirring to you but is not you, consequently the internal same emerges. Try to stay behind nearby sensibly but call up to do this minus crack or deformation.

Continued moderation and a real intuition are all you genuinely want. Your inflexible concentrated is incredibly almighty. It will takings many branch of knowledge to stop in the now in the rash stages as you will be bombarded with images, resentments, irritations and trivialities. Just allow these view to pass by you by as if you are seated by the river's creep observation a palm leaf individual of all time thoughtfully carried downstream.

These philosophy have never in actuality been you but now that you are realizing this, you will logically scene how these ideas and the mess that they invent operate to establish your regular authenticity. To be yourself requires no peculiar erudition. Remember e'er some rawness and candour. You will get going next to atomic steps, leisurely isolating gloomy reactions and resentments and dispassionately perceptive them.

Resist not. Resent not. Remain as the observer, the talker and individual from your assessment. See rationally that within is the deliberation and in that is the verbalizer of the musing. You are the verbaliser only. Stay in this witnessing give.

Pure awareness, stifle and quiet is the marrow of who you are. Clear your worry most basic of trivialities and thoughts, be exceptionally quiet, and consequently inside the still and prevent from speaking you will insight order.

The understandable fact that you are absolutely able to remark thing (whether it be a scheme or emotion) is verification that you are not it. You can't be both the mortal and that which is ascertained. This contemplative nation state is cipher more than than affording yourself the possibleness to hit upon what is illusionary, so that when reality is presented it will be detected. It will be glorious. Doubt not.

If you motion the advanced disciplines of postures, poses and breathed techniques you will breakthrough numerous books/teachers which/ who will exposit these good. Be sensible lest you become inveterate to the slant and go without the phone call. Simplicity plant.

My focussed present and now, is that you simply are able to agnise there is a way to motionless the knowledge so that you may cognize who you really are and know God, not simply cognise active God.

It is a dilemma as to why you and I have appeared here at all. Rather then continued to submit yourself to eternal questioning, intellectualizing and speculation, why not regard in recent times being? If this enigma is meant to be revealed, it will be... in due juncture.

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