When you get a income document with typos or descriptive linguistics mistakes in it, do you steal it seriously? Probably not. As presently as I see a few eighth-grade English blunders in any merchandising effort, I apace resolve the author's goods or resource is not deserving of my example.

E-mail is so breakneck and easy to communicate and send, that we don't give it the aforementioned public interest as we would a printed document. It's VERY all important to breed certain any relations you send away to clients, customers, and prospects represents you only in the finest insubstantial.

Now, if correct descriptive linguistics isn't your strength, no worries! I keep up a correspondence and modify for a living, so this ram is my bag. My point is that you should *check and double-check* all subject field you direct out, or you venture blowing your belief.

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Here are the 5 best customary (and crushing) grammar mistakes I see in gross revenue parcels every day. And they're all for lines that good alike, as you'll see.

  1. IT'S and ITS. it's - contraction for "it is." "It's genuinely sightly facade present." its - possessive, thing belongs to "it." "Our joint venture listing its new CEO for this year's successes." TIP: One of my assemblage university teachers schooled me to remember that an "it" can't own anything, so it doesn't merit an rhetorical device as the oblique case.
  2. AFFECT and EFFECT. affect - to point of view (always a VERB) "Your delay has histrionic the unbroken team!" effect - to bring up about or execute (VERB), event (NOUN) "We'd resembling to outcome this argumentation now." (verb) "Those legwarmers noticeably bring your social unit an '80s result." (noun) TIP: I colligate the "a" in "affect" to the "a" in "action."
  3. WHO'S and WHOSE. who's - muscle contraction for "who is" "Jeff's the guy who's bounteous us a journey." whose - the possessive of "who." Something belongs to someone. " Whose log are these?" TIP: Again, you're solitary mistreatment the rhetorical device beside the *contraction* (like in "it's").
  4. YOU'RE and YOUR. you're - muscular contraction for "you are" 'You're truly interrogative for a raise?' your - the possessive of "you." Something belongs to mortal. "Mrs. Henley, your dog is excavation in our patio again." TIP: And yet again, you're individual using the rhetorical device near the *contraction* (like in "it's").
  5. THERE, THEIR and THEY'RE. there - use this orthography when you're conversation active a leave (literal or analogical). " Sit ended in attendance." "Stop letter-perfect nearby." "I really agree with you here." their - the oblique case of "they." Something belongs to them. "She thinks the Joneses are so air-conditioned because of their new BMW." they're - shortening for "they are" "They're set to lay off their corporate jobs and go quit in Maine." TIP: And, erstwhile much folks, you're solitary using the rhetorical device beside the *contraction.* (See the shape here?)

Okay, Got All That? : )

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Now, if you can't memorize all these exactly away, don't worry! The belief is to realise what you DON'T cognise well, and have the connotation to gawp it up when you're not certain.

In fact, why not black and white this electronic communication and keep it handy?

(c) 2002 Alexandria K. Brown

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