The convention of Ho'oponopono is a easy one. It's a function of improvement and erasing shared mutual society memories, approaching to the sacred establish of inspiration, where on earth need occurs from innermost neatness and compassionate state of grace.

This is done by inwardly and unendingly chanting: I be mad about you, Thank you, Please yield me (for the module I vie in transferral in the order of this difficulty), I am repentant (for the component I compete.)

This is what Ho'oponopono calls taking 100% activity.

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When a inhibition or a disobey surfaces in the mind, or in our mutual experience, these phrases reform the state. They better the incomprehension felt as disorganized reaction and resign from in its put a clarity, a solid clean off brain where on earth soothing occurs.

However, when I am in a democracy of what appears to be insurmountable conflict, I use Byron Katie's "The Work" to oblige me.

Byron Katie's "The Work" is a practice where on earth a "problem" is scrutinized with Inquiry, or a round of questions, that puts the sphere of activity accurately put a bet on where it belongs-inside yourself.

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The 4 questions of Byron Katie's "The Work"

1) Is it true?

2) Can you unquestionably cognize for positive that it's true?

3) How do you counter when you infer that thought?

4) Who would I be lacking that thought?

--and whirl it around--


I went to see Filmmaker Michael Moore's "Sicko" which had an result I did not anticipate or anticipate. Not singular was the U.S. wellbeing attention association open same an approachable wound, but the vigour vigilance of European countries, Canada and Cuba was too investigated.

These were humanistic and goodhearted in examination to our association.

Not that I haven't seen our net at tough grind for the erstwhile 23 time of life of my nursing work.

I remember aggression beside welfare guarantee companies for pay when advocating for my patients, doing caregiver professional drudgery. Additionally, 4 otherwise group were employed to individually promise with the denied claims of our necessitous uncomplaining people.

When one of my 4 twelvemonth old patients was in a car stroke of luck and unfit from the waistline down, we command a monetary fund bridge partner to give a hand fund a disablement get-at-able van for him.

I sat near the child's grandparent at the catered meal. She told us she was active to proposition that the finances we rise should go to buy the child's tube food and medicines.

"You be determined his protection is not case these?" I asked.

"No," she aforesaid.

Back at the bureau on Monday, we got to drudgery and confronted the life insurance company, punishing that they give back all once learned profession necessities. (Thankfully, the child's female parent kept all erstwhile receipts).

While this content was resolved, how galore more than were tumbling finished the expression cracks?

How by a long chalk harm, even destruction was our dysfunctional wellbeing protection set of laws exploit patients in our care, minus our knowledge?

The American Health Care net is sick, but as Ho'oponopono teaches, we can restore to health it, by restorative our perceptions of it.

It's an covered job.

Byron Katie's "The Work" offers an chance to effort through with disagreeable beliefs that take interior tautness. I was able to use the One-Belief-At-A- Time Worksheet to manual labour through with the later one-liner: The American Health Care System won't transport contemplation of me when I am old.

I was advantaged to have a partner, whom had been finished the School Of The Work, help me see the misconception of my thinking.

So, the American Health Care System won't yield work of me when I am old.

Is this true?


Can you utterly cognise for convinced that it's true?

Well, no.

How do you react when you deliberation the thought: the American Health Care System won't bring care of me when I am old?

I have a feeling tense, and sad because my parent died at age 73, because the American Health Care System didn't appear to know what to do near her after she had a manoeuvre.

I grain earnest near no connotation of content.

How do you kickshaw yourself when you regard the thought: the American Health Care System won't pilfer strictness of me when I am old?

I get the impression a consciousness of necessity roughly doing something, like arousing out of the country, informed that a invent to implement Medicare for all Americans may never manifest here. This makes me consciousness hot under the collar and distrustful of the American rule.

When did the thought: that the American Health Care System won't cart thinking of me when I am old, prototypic come about to you?

Probably introductory occurred to me when my mother had a maneuver and died 2 months latter.

Does this content bring order or anxiety into your experience?

Definitely prosody.

Who would you be short the thought: the American Health Care System won't lift aid of me when I am old?

I would sedately get petition signatures for a single-payer program in America.

I would have a be aware of of adventure going on for heartbreaking out of the pastoral.

I would sit underneath this canape of greenery, watched over by the leaves as a deluge all of a sudden arises, near the detached clamour of thunder accentuating the beauty of mid-summer.

Turn it around?

The American Health Care System WILL filch strictness of me when I am old.

I will cart consideration of myself when I am old.

I will takings caution of otherwise senior society when I am old.

I am the American Health Care System!!

This ultimate turn-around: I am the American Health Care System, had a indubitable Power to the People peal to it!

Both my partner and I laughed frenziedly near this turn-around.

I am a nurse, I high regard my patients, I fondness myself, and I am not detached from the wellness carefulness net I have dedicated myself to for the outgoing 23 age.

The American Health Care System is not the force.

In truth, location are no enemies.

My nerve-wracking belief are opportunities to grin the hurricane lantern of Inquiry done the central like-minded a laser, so that a freeing gone description grades.

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